If you are having trouble seeing the chart, email me at festivefashions@outlook.com and I will send it to you.

Have someone other than yourself do the measuring and take measurements over any items that you would normally be wearing (cool vests and such).

If there is a possible left or right to a measurement, take both and give me the larger of the two.

1. Neck Circumference________________
1A. Neck diameter (measure opening of favorite _______________
2. Over Bust (underarms) _______________
3. Bust (over nipples at fullest part)________________
3A. Shoulder to nipple_________________________
4. Underbust___________________
5. Waist___________________
6. Hips (about 4-6 inches below waist....fullest part over buttocks)___________________
7. Neck to heel (where you want dress to stop)_________
8. don't need don't need for dress
9. don't need don't need for dress
10. Arm length from shoulder seam to wrist____________
11. Shoulder seam neck to top of sleeve seam_____________
11A. shoulder seam to shoulder seam_________________
12.Armhole around arm at armpit______________________
13. Bicep left and right give largest one_______________
14. Forearm left and right give largest one_____________
15. wrist left and right give largest one_________________
16. V- Neck or curved neck measure from back of collar front of collar of a favorite garment while lying flat ____________________
17. Shoulder to waist____________________
18. don't need don't need for dress
19. Navel- circumference around middle usually below natural waistline________________
20. thigh- don't need for dress

Measurements needed for Princess style dress

If there is a possible left or right to a measurement, take both and give me the larger of the two.























Measurements for Pricess Style dress

1.nape of neck to waist front___________________
2.nape of neck to waist back___________________
3a. from side seam to center back___________________
3b. from side seam to side seam back_____________________
3c. full circumference of waist________________________
4.measure halfway down from center collar to breast at fullest part, _____________ then from there go to side sleeve seam___________________
5. same distance down from collar in #4 to side sleeve seam in back___________________
6. from top of sleeve seam to where you want sleeve to end (may be a few inches past wrist based on preference)___________________
6a. from top of sleeve to elbow____________________
6a. How wide you want the opening of your sleeve to be when lying flat on the table___________________
7.from collar neck over breast to waist___________________
8.from collar neck to waist___________________
9.from armpit to where you want sleeve to end___________________
10.from center collar to shoulder seam in front__________________
11.from center collar to shoulder seam in back___________________
12.a armhole around armpit___________________
12b. upper arm circumference about halfway from shoulder to elbow________________________
12c. elbow circumference_______________
12d. forearm circumference about halfway from elbow to wrist
12e. wrist circumference__________________
13. from left shoulder seam to center waist front___________________
14.from shoulder seam to center waist back___________________
15.a. shoulder seam from collar to upper sleeve seam___________________
15.b. shoulder seam top of sleeve to opposite shoulder seam top of sleeve________________
16.fullest point in breast around back from side seam to center seam___________________
17.a. distance from shoulder seam to fullest part of breast___________________
17.b from fullest point on breast at center seam to side seam under arm___________________
18. from center seam at collar to side seam at waist across back___________________
19. from center seam at collat=r to side seam at waist across front___________________
20.a side seam from armhole to waist___________________
20b. from center seam to waist side seam front___________
21.a. measure from waist to bottom of hem____________________
21b. measure circumference around fullest part of the hip area________________
22. if you are planning on wearing it with a hoop underskirt or petticoat I will need that sent to me to help with the fitting. Make sure the petticoat fits you before you send it to me.

Tips when taking Your Measurements

Things you need will be a measure tape and a friend to help you. It is easier and more precise if somebody else takes your measurements than if you do it yourself, because you should stand straight and not move around!
TIP 1. The to be measured person shouldn’t be wearing more than underwear (or whatever you would normally be wearing under the garment that is being created) while taking measurements, to get exact results.
TIP 2. Take a ribbon or something similar, which you can bind around the waist. This is one of the anchor points where you´ll have to refer to most of the time. (Makes it easier for you to find that point again!)
TIP 3. While taking measurements, the measure tape should not hang loose around, but don’t pull too hard.

Some examples for taking the measurements:
1. Waist
Put the measurement tape around the waist ribbon and take the measurement from there.

2. Chest/Breast
For men it is usually enough to take just the measurements over the widest point of the chest. For women you should take the over bust, bust and under bust to make the fitting more precise.

3. Hips
Measurements for the hip should actually be taken at the point where your hip bones are usually about 4 inches below waist (you will be able to feel them, two bones to the left and right), but in a lot of the cases you will see on measurement charts that they take the hip measurements a little further down. In that case they actually ask for the widest point (about 6-8 inches below waist). No problem! Just take the measure tape a little further down, so that you also get your bum in there.

4. Neck to waist
Take your head down to your chest and try to feel in the back of your neck that big bone sticking out, this is the point from where to measure.
5. Arms
Your arms should hang loose and relaxed while taking this measurements.

6. Head
Head measurements are taken just above the ears and across the forehead.