L Neck width

B Shoulder to

I Neck to shoulder


    D l


 l T


P Armhole


K Sleeve opening


R Wrist

J Cuff width (for shirts)





If you are having trouble seeing the chart, email me at festivefashions@outlook.com and I will send it to you.

Have someone other than yourself do the measuring and take measurements over any items that you would normally be wearing (cool vests and such).

I need letters:
A. Chest width (at arm pits)
A1. front from seam to seam
Sitting- ___________________
A2. back from seam to seam Standing_________________
Sitting- ___________________
A3. circumference (should add up to first 2 measurements) standing_____________________
Sitting- ___________________
B. across front (make it from shoulder to shoulder seam at top across back....not where it is pictured)________________
C. 1 Lower hem width front (side seam to side seam)______________(usually about 6-8 inches below waist)
C. 2. Lower hem width back (side seam
to side seam__________________________
C. 3. Lower hem circumference (full hip circumference about 6-8 inches below waist where you want the shirt to stop  should be equal to C1 + C2).
D. Side neck point (lower seam of collar) to front hem.
D1 shirt -about 6-8 inches below waist based on preference____________________
D2 vest.-bottom of "v-pont"0-2 inches below waist) front_________________________
D3 vest back neck to hem____________________
Most of you seem to want a waist vest to actually go past their waist and have the bottom of it rest more towards the top of their hips. This way you can reach up or bend over and still be covered up.
E. High Hip about 2-4 inches below waist
E1. front from side seam to side seam
E2. back from side sea to side seam ____________________
E3. Circumference- should be equal to E1 + E2____________________
F. Overarm sleeve length (for long sleeve, include cuff for short sleeves, measure a shirt you like the sleeve length of)______________________
G. Underarm sleeve length (measure the length of a favorite shirt)________________
H. Bicep circumference ___________________
I.- shoulder seam length (from collar to top of sleeve seam) ____________________
J.-cuff- not needed unless long sleeve, short sleeves have hem not a cuff___________________
K. sleeve opening- diameter of sleeve of favorite shirt from seam to fold _________________
L. Neck width (measure a favorite shirt)________________
L1. Neck circumference _______________
Forget about M,N, & Q
O. Waist circumference if larger than chest and hips)
O1 standing____________________
O2 sitting_______________________
P. Armhole Circumference- measure around arm at armpit____________________
R. Wrist- cirumference___________________
S. Center neck to wrist over shoulder___________________
T. Nape of neck to waist
T is measured at the back, and goes from the nape of neck to your waist. In addition to this #, please also measure at the back, from the nape of your neck to where you want the back finished length to be. This will be 2 different #s - one for a shirt or jacket D1 for instance and one for a vest D2 & D3, so Please note the differences. 
Y. Thigh Left & Right- give the lagest of the two__________
Z. Ankle _________________
Z1. Hem width from seam to seam________________

U. Waistband width- top to bottom of waistband_________
V. Outer seam- top of waistband to bottom of pants.
W. Inseam- crotch to bottom of pants._________________
X. Crotch length- bottom of waistband to bottom of waistband_____________________

Also, please take separate measurements of both the cookie zone (your waist O1  & O2) and your chest (A1-A3) both standing and sitting. Place a pin at what would be a side seam on each side so that you will start and stop at the same place for each portion. So from the side center across to the other side center. This allows me to get the front portions of the pattern better tuned to you esp for a vest.  
Please make sure that the circumference numbers when added together are the same as the measurements that you listed above them. So for instance, say your total circumference for your chest (A3)  is 50". More than likely when measured just the front and just the back separately, you will not be 25" and 25". But however you come out, the 2 numbers need to add back up to 50.
  If you have any ?s please contact me.
Please make a copy/scan to email to me and keep the other yourself for reference.

U                  width




Tips for Taking Your Measurements

Things you need will be a measure tape and a friend to help you. It is easier and more precise if somebody else takes your measurements than if you do it yourself, because you should stand straight and not move around!
TIP 1. The to be measured person shouldn’t be wearing more than underwear (or whatever you would normally be wearing under the garment that is being created) while taking measurements, to get exact results.
TIP 2. Take a ribbon or something similar, which you can bind around the waist. This is one of the anchor points where you´ll have to refer to most of the time. (Makes it easier for you to find that point again!)
TIP 3. While taking measurements, the measure tape should not hang loose around, 
but don’t pull too hard.

Some examples for taking the measurements:
1. Waist
Put the measurement tape around the waist ribbon and take the measurement from there.

2. Chest/Breast
For men it is usually enough to take just the measurements over the widest point of the chest. For women you should take the over bust, bust and under bust to make the fitting more precise.

3. Hips
Measurements for the hip should actually be taken at the point where your hip bones are usually about 4 inches below waist (you will be able to feel them, two bones to the left and right), but in a lot of the cases you will see on measurement charts that they take the hip measurements a little further down. In that case they actually ask for the widest point (about 6-8 inches below waist). No problem! Just take the measure tape a little further down, so that you also get your bum in there.

4. Neck to waist
Take your head down to your chest and try to feel in the back of your neck that big bone sticking out, this is the point from where to measure.
5. Arms
Your arms should hang loose and relaxed while taking this measurements.
6. Head
Head measurements are taken just above the ears and across the forehead.